Selling for Free w/ Opener Verre Forest

Wednesday, June 29 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 // $15 Artist Supporter Ticket Selling for Free is the project of singer-songwriter and analogue enthusiast Rob Hylbom. His creative imagination draws from groups such as The Mountain Goats, Frank the Rabbit and Bob Dylan, Hylbom’s songs explore music and culture, admiring and appreciating their histories. Hylbom’s sound is emotive, soft but firm.  Recorded in bursts and fits, Selling for Free is a raw catalog of the times. Verre Forest are a group of 14 year olds who play music inspired from 90s alternative music. They are inspired by early Radiohead, Nirvana, and the Pixies, and are a classic rock  ensemble of two guitars, bass, drums, and one vocalist. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

New Old Future + Arrowleaf

Friday, June 24 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 // $15 Artist Supporter Ticket Missoula garage pop New Old Future meets the delicious soft rock stylings of Arrowleaf. New Old Future play the kind of indie rock that sounds like it just lives in the water of the Pacific Northwest. Sincere, yet funny, poppy, but rough around the edges, sounding something like if Olympia, Washington’s music scene had a cousin living in western Montana. Hailing from Missoula, Montana, Arrowleaf combines cinematic guitar tones with addictive vocal hooks and subdued drums to deliver indie rock that’s “elegantly cosmic and easy to get along with”. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

KFGM Summer Showcase / Catnyp & Rob Travolta

Thursday, June 9 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 The KFGM Summer Series brings forth some of the great talent the Missoula music scene has to offer. Each show will showcase two great bands, cross genres, and offer a platform for audience members to discover and engage with some of Missoula’s best artists. KFGM’s desire for this series is to highlight some of their favorite local artists and for Missoula Community Radio’s listeners to tune-in to a true local experience. June’s bands are Catnyp and Rob Travolta … Formed in Missoula, MT after front man/composer/producer/bassist/multiinstrumentalist Henderson K Shatner (HKS) returned to the US after 18 years of overseas adventures, Catnyp released “The Black Cat Trilogy” of albums sequentially in 2018, 2019, 2020. Shatner founded Brand Violet, a seminal UK surf-goth act signed to legendary Some Bizarre records in the early 2000s. Catnyp has drawn recent comparison to Pixies, Daniel Ash, David Bowie, and even Led Zeppelin — largely based on the fearless vocal experimentation Shatner employs on Catnyp IIII, channeling his favorite vocalists for different tracks. Melodic, agile bass parts invoke Beatles-era McCartney while surf guitar and clean overdriven tones provide a nod to California punk and Britpop. Rob Cave, also known as Missoula’s ‘secretary of bass’ (for supplying the most buoyant and delightful bass riffs for numerous local bands), has his own project — Rob Travolta! Rob Travolta will drop your jaw, with captivatingly composed tunes that balance Rob’s “midwest emo meets Montana” vibe with drummer Cole Bronson’s knack for hip hop in smooth and enthralling pockets of groove. The talent and focus of the duo, not to mention the emotion they channel into their music performing, makes for a remarkable sonic journey of angst and joy. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

Wildermiss (+ Arrowleaf)

Wednesday, July 6 // Doors at 7 PM // 8 PM // $10 (Advance tix recommended) // $15 Tour Supporter Ticket Wildermiss is an indie rock band. Emma Cole sings and plays synth bass, Joshua Hester plays guitar and Caleb Thoemke plays drums. They have sold out all of their hometown headlining shows since 2017 and steadily gained momentum nationwide with multiple support tours and festival spots. The band is currently working on the follow up to their quarantine singles “Supermagical” and “Italy” with plans to tour until their van dies again like it did in Michigan that one time. Official Site Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Instagram Spotify YouTube Arrowleaf pairs washy guitar work, humming bass, and the occasional riotous trumpet line with delicate anecdotes; dreamy conversations with wide open spaces that address stories of loss and grief on a larger scale. Featuring the introspective songwriting of Sarah Marker, the band is filled out by the thoughtful work of Brady Schwertfeger, Jake Whitecar, Peter Puczkowskyj Amanda Ceaser, and Jon Filkins. “Getting By” also features local musicians Jim Riach, Sean Burress, Bethany Joyce, Dan Weiss, Kira Bassingthwaighte, and Kaya Juda-Nelson. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

ESP + 129,600 + Dint

Thursday, May 5 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 // $15 Tour Supporter Ticket Erin Szalda-Petree is a musician from Missoula, MT. In 2020, under the name ESP, Erin created her first studio album ‘Backyard’, a collage of personal mementos from her teenage years up until the present. Other Missoula musicians, Christopher Baumann (producer), Joe Kirk, Duncan Szalda-Petree, and Noelle Huser performed on ‘Backyard’. Erin grew up listening to folk music and later found influence in pop-punk, and indie-folk songwriters. Named after a musing on the degrees in a sphere, 129,600 nods across genres with a jazzy lean. 129’s writer Jade Tcimpidis is long-steeped in Seattle DIY, having worked with iji, Mega Bog, Dozer and Sick Sad World. Bassist Kalen Walther and Jade trade instruments to form Missoula’s own Ancient Forest, now based in Seattle. Dint is salt music, loud slow, Philadelphia/Missoula, with a rotating lineup – current iteration features members of Fantasy Suite, Soft Maybe, Boys, Melon Painting. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

Jacob Rountree w/ Special Guest Chloé Little

Thursday, May 26 // Doors at 7 // Show at 7:30 // $10 // $15 Tour Supporter Ticket ​​Jacob Roundtree is passionate, hypnotic, multi-dimensional, and poetic. Jacob Rountree (and supporting artists) are an alternative folk/indie rock group offering a dynamic sound. They have been best described as a passionate and relatable, multi-dimensional act with poetically introspective lyrics, a unique finger picking style, perfectly placed percussive hits, haunting harmonies, and dream-like effects. Chloé Little has lived in Montana for several years but is a California native. Chloe formed several Bay Area bands, but musically her heart lies in writing songs. For close to 15 years, she has used songwriting as a form of mental release and creative expression. She uses the outdoors, love, soul-searching, and self-discovery as inspiration. Through her songs, she aspires to spark connection with the audience – or at least plant a seed of thought. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

Play It Forward Vol. 6 – ‘No’ in support of Make Your Move Missoula

Thursday, April 14 // Doors at 7 PM // 7:30 PM // $10 ‘Play It Forward’ is a music series and podcast program curated to unite and uplift community artists and organizations in Missoula. Originally a live-streamed performance, Play It Forward is now in-person! For each show the ZACC and KBGA partner with a different organization and host local music performed at the ZACC Show Room, with proceeds going to that month’s organization. April’s performance boasts a former KBGAer Noelle Huser and her band No,  playing in support of Make Your Move Missoula! No is the indie pop/alt-rock project of Noelle Huser joined by Erin and Duncan Szalda-Petree (of ESP), Ally Fradkin, and Caleb Tutty. They are currently working on their debut album Cold Sweat, which is set to release in 2022. Huser encapsulates the fever dream of her formative early adult years as she reflects on the past and grapples with the messy emotions of her present. Make Your Move! Missoula engages us as allies to prevent sexual violence in the greater Missoula area. This multi-faceted, inter-agency approach creates long-term, positive change by changing the beliefs and behaviors that support sexual violence, thus creating a safer and healthier community. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

Ridgeway + adam + Sarah Frazier

Sunday, April 10 // Doors at 7 PM // 7:30 PM // $10 Ridgeway is a band from Santa Ana California. The band has been growing since 2013 through DIY touring and collaborative efforts. They are currently supporting their 2nd full length effort ‘Marlo’, which packs an emotional punch with combinations of shoegaze, post punk, and modern pop rock. Sarah Frazier creates soundscapes like the darkest of rural Montana nights when the stars look like diamonds floating on an impossibly deep inkwell. Heavy, graceful, and beautifully ominous. Adam G. Holden, performing under simply the moniker ‘adam’, makes music that begs to answer the age old question: What’s in a name? Textured arrangements and sometimes autobiographical but always deeply personal lyrics have earned him a spot in the long line of great singer-songwriters who coax music out of the most tender parts of themselves. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit

mssv (Mike Baggetta, Stephen Hodges, Mike Watt)

w/ Rob Travolta & Black Shore!Tuesday // April 19 // Doors at 7 // Show at 8 // $15 // Advance tickets recommended No less an authority than Nels Cline, the high priest of art-rock guitarists, has called Mike Baggetta a “guitar poet.” That poetry, alternately gnarled and flowing, is on fine display in Main Steam Stop Valve, the second album by (and the decompressed namesake of) mssv, an experimental rock trio featuring Baggetta, the legendary punk bassist Mike Watt, and the versatile drummer Stephen Hodges.The collaboration began when Watt, of The Minutemen fame, joined Baggetta and seasoned session drummer Jim Keltner to record an improvised jazz-rock album called Wall of Flowers, an eight-track romp from pastoral splendor to urban din and back again. When Keltner declined to tour, they brought in Hodges, whose credits as a player include Mavis Staples, Tom Waits, and David Lynch, not to mention Contemplating the Engine Room with Watt.Solidified as mssv—some heretofore unimagined hybrid of a punky power trio and a dreamy experimental rock band—they released Main Steam Stop Valve, which blends industrial vigor and impressionistic languor into a lingering impression of “pressure, combustion, power, and hissing clouds of sonic poetry,” as Premier Guitar said. From the throttled surf guitar of “The Mystery Of” and the glimmering post-rock of “Every Growing Thing” to groovy, songful numbers like “Old Crow,” there’s no telling which way the band will turn at any given moment, a proposition that becomes a promise when they break down and reassemble these songs live, with an instinct for restraint and an openness to anarchy.___ “…vintage twang in service of Americana-meets exploratory Jazz-psych…” -Rolling Stone “The chemistry is palpable, the vibe is loose, and the songs are all worlds unto themselves.” -Aquarium Drunkard  “…stealthy, mysterious music…” -New York Times “…full of subversive surprises, hellacious skronking, string-scraping and a general hornets’ nest of fuzz-toned dissonance.” -Slate Magazine “Mike Baggetta is a genre-blurring guitar hero…at the forefront of an army of guitar innovators” -JazzTimes Spotify: Bandcamp:   For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit