Jackson Holte & The Highway Patrol w/ Joseph Running Crane

Wednesday, May 18 // Doors at 7:30 PM // 8 PM // $10 // $15 Tour Supporter Ticket Jackson Holte & The Highway Patrol are a Grammy-eligible rock and roll band from Missoula, MT, formed by several of the town’s greasiest bar-band veterans in 2017. Jackson Holte is a hard-nosed, soft-spoken folk singer who aspires only to possess the cathartic wit of John Prine and the biceps of Kris Kristofferson. The Highway Patrol are Landon George on drums, Eric Rudnick on guitars, and Marko “The Midnight Shadow” Capoferri on bass. They have been called “a pretty rippin’ band” by U.S. Senator Jon Tester, “a cavalcade of horses on the plains of America” by an independent Portuguese music podcast, and “heroes” by the owner of a small Chinese restaurant in Virginia City. Their most recent album, Last Rain of the Summer, was released in March 2020. www.highwaypatrolrocknroll.com @highwaypatrolrocknroll Joseph Running Crane is a singer/songwriter from Browning, MT, the cultural and administrative center of the Amskapii Piikunii nation of the Blackfoot Confederacy. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit https://www.zootownarts.org/meet-the-zacc/about/.