KFGM Summer Showcase / Sarah Frazier & Coyotes

Thursday, July 14 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 The KFGM Summer Series brings forth some of the great talent the Missoula music scene has to offer. Each show will showcase two great bands, cross genres, and offer a platform for audience members to discover and engage with some of Missoula’s best artists. KFGM’s desire for this series is to highlight some of their favorite local artists and for Missoula Community Radio’s listeners to tune-in to a true local experience. July’s artists are Sarah Frazier and Coyotes. Sarah Frazier creates soundscapes like the darkest of rural Montana nights when the stars look like diamonds floating on an impossibly deep inkwell. Heavy, graceful, and beautifully ominous. Coyotes is the solo electronic music project of composer Bryan Curt Kostors. Performing on analog, digital, vintage, modular, and percussion synthesizers, Kostors creates compelling musical landscapes that are sonically enveloping and epically danceable. Pulling from inspirations as diverse as 90’s techno, 80’s New Wave, orchestral compositions, experimental dance music, and more, Coyotes is an aural exploration without boundaries of style or time. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit https://www.zootownarts.org/meet-the-zacc/about/.

Shark Buffalo + Mirror Gods

Friday, May 27 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 // $15 Tour Supporter Ticket Who the hell is Shark Buffalo, that mysterious übergroup from a long-forgotten Missoula music scene of yore? More importantly, what the hell IS a shark buffalo? Do you picture a buffalo’s body with a shark’s head, like some kind of aquatic centaur? Or do you prefer to envision an elasmobranch fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton fused with the head and torso of a bearded bovinae? I digress. Shark Buffalo is comprised of a holy musical trinity: Keys, Drums, and Trumpet, with Cove Jasmin, Emmet Ore, and Nathan Crawford. Mirror Gods is a powerful quartet comprised of Jesse The Ocelot on vox/guitar/loops, Joshua Chai on drums/percussion, Sean Howard Burress on bass/gadgets, and Emmet Ore on guitar/keys. Mirror Gods create the perfect mix of organic and electronic music. Jesse’s ethereal vocals sore over Sean and Josh’s intricate rhythmic bass lines, while Emmet dazzles in with magical lead guitar. They are a full on rock band with atmospheric loops and layers. Making sure to let the music speak for itself and lead the way, they try to create something different every time, with about half of their songs being dialed-in performances and the other half being all about the feels and improv. You never know what’s going to happen at a Mirror Gods show. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit https://www.zootownarts.org/meet-the-zacc/about/.