Hibernator + JERF + Mido Skip

Saturday, May 7 // Doors at 7 PM // Show at 7:30 PM // $10 // $15 Tour Supporter Ticket Hibernator hails from southwest Montana. Hibernator began in 2016 with Phillip Yanzick on guitar and lead vocals and Zachary Jurcich on lead guitar. The band attracted the attention of Anthony Vesco and Ricky Schade, now the drummer and bass player respectively. The sound of the band includes elements of post rock with flares of ambiance and early 2000s emo. For fans of Balance and Composure, Citizen, and Movements, Hibernator has its own way of catching listeners’ attention through heavy rhythm sections and melodic vocals. JERF is a multi-instrumentalist, pinball wizard, soccer player, movie watcher, and songwriter steeped in the tradition of the traveling troubadour; part Americana, part Indie Rock, and full of the same positive vibes that came from the California Folk-Rock scene that spawned Jackson Browne & Tom Petty. His songwriting reflects a perspective about the world that is both critical and full of joy, and he is passionate about questioning how we can do better with the unique experience that has been given to us as human beings. From the great city of Missoula, Mido Skip started out as a simple idea, formulating into one of the biggest conspiracies to date. It is said that on a full moon you can hear the mad ravings of the nü-emo band from abandoned alleyways. Have you captured a glimpse of this enigmatic event? If you’re lucky enough, it could change how you look at yourself, and the world as you know it. For further information, accessibility, and inquiries please visit https://www.zootownarts.org/meet-the-zacc/about/.